Event Dates

Locations will be determined closer to event dates.

*Students are required to attend these sessions

*Saturday, 9-11-2021; 9:30am to 3:30pm Session #1: Hybrid: in-person and virtual components. Stay tuned for details.

*Sunday, 10-17-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #2: Getting Started and Role of Personality in Leadership; Virtual Session

Thursday, 11-11-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #3: Exploring Effective Leadership

Thursday, 12-9-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #4: Creating Your Brand

Thursday, 1-13-2022; 6pm to 9pm Session #5: Cultural Intelligence

Thursday, 2-10-2022; 6pm to 9pm Session #6: Caring for Our Community

Thursday, 3-3-2022 OR 3-17-2022; 6pm to 9pm Session #7: My Rights and Responsibilities as a Leaders

Friday, 4-8-2022; 6pm to midnight Session #8: My Decisions Reflect on Me—“Plano After Dark”

Sunday, 5-1-2022; 12:30pm to 2:30pm Session #9: Graduation – Leadership for a Lifetime