Event Dates

PYL will be conducting sessions virtually. Virtual sessions are the best way for us to ensure the safety and health of our PYL Class and Board members.

The BOD will consider an in-person gathering if and when it seems safe to do so.

*Students are required to attend these sessions

*Saturday, 9-12-2020; 8:30am to 2:30pm Session #1: Team Challenge

*Sunday, 10-18-2020; 6pm to 9pm Session #2: Getting Started and Role of Personality in Leadership

Thursday, 11-12-2020; 6pm to 9pm Session #3: Exploring Effective Leadership

Thursday, 12-3-2020; 6pm to 9pm Session #4: Creating Your Brand

Thursday, 1-14-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #5: Cultural Intelligence

Thursday, 2-11-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #6: Caring for Our Community

Thursday, 3-18-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #7: My Rights and Responsibilities as a Leaders

Friday, 4-9-2021; 6pm to 9pm Session #8: My Decisions Reflect on Me—“Plano After Dark”

Sunday, 5-2-2021; 12:30pm to 2:30pm Session #9: Graduation – Leadership for a Lifetime